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7 Unique Ways to Get Back Your Body After Pregnancy

Sep 25, 2014

Having a baby is one of the best moments in a life of woman. However, the after math is what worries most of them, especially after sacrificing most of your time and money trying to look amazing. This excessive weight gain (pregnancy weight) is usually as a result of the significant changes that the body undergoes during and after pregnancy. If you are among those struggling to get their bodies back after pregnancy here are some tips to see you through. Note that it is not ideal to starve yourself or engage in some restrictive dietary plan during your early period of motherhood. In fact, you require all the extra nutrients and energy to satisfy the extra needs of breast feeding and looking after the baby in general. Do not rush through any weight loss plan as it will do you harm than good. Gradually, lose weight and regain your previous body.

Begin with proper diet

Always ensure that your meals are balanced (have all the essential nutrients) and have snacks, devoid of too much sugar or fat. You can effectively lose the pregnancy weight by eating healthy. All you require to regain your before pregnancy body is to ensure that your meals are balanced with sufficient nutrition and other vital elements, including carbohydrates and fat. Consume various types of foods, including cheese, fish, pasta, vegetables, lean meat, poultry, milk, yogurt, eggs, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Don’t starve yourself

Do not starve yourself of skip meals one of the most common misconceptions with regards to weight loss is that skipping meals (especially breakfast) or starving yourself enables you to lose weight fast. This is totally wrong. For the record, even medical professionals and fitness experts’ advice against this and instead advocate for inclusion of healthy fat. In addition, studies indicate that most that opt to starve themselves or skip meals are most to become heavier compared to those who take healthy breakfast. Skipping meals will simply cause you to eat more during your next meal or snack a lot to make up for lost calories.

Eat frequently

Rather than skipping meals or having the tradition three meals per day, it is recommended that you take 5-6 small meals throughout the day. In addition, ensure that you small frequent meals consist of various nutritious, low-calorie, and low-fat foods. This way, you will still be able to achieve your objectives without starving.

Drink plenty of water

Drink a lot of water medically, it is advisable that you take a minimum of 7 glasses of water on a daily basis. The water flushes off toxins from your body and keeps you feeling full between meals. Most times people mistake thirst pangs with hunger pangs. With maintaining a good intake of water throughout the day, you reduce your odds of snacking, thereby no extra calories gained.


According to various research studies, most mothers have an easy losing weight while breastfeeding compared to other times. It enables them to burn up the fat stored in their body. Actually, you can simply burn up to 500 calories everyday by breastfeeding. Thus, apart from breastfeeding being good for the baby’s overall health, it is also beneficial to you.


Have adequate sleep despite the anxiousness and excitement to connect and spend quality time with your baby, it is advisable that you create time to sleep, especially when the baby does. Lack of enough sleep de-regulates the hormones in charge of controlling appetite and instead sends hunger signals to your brain. This may result in overeating and consequently, weight gain. Hence, more attention to your sleep program is advisable.

Take your time to recover

Regardless of your mode of giving birth (through a C-section or vaginally), your body does require to recuperate and self-heal. To some this could be a very new and shocking experience given that you are not prone to a hanging belly. Nevertheless, you do require time recover before getting back on track or undertaking any workout program.

You will never regret following the above tips, and in no time and without much effort, you will be flaunting you newly acquire body for the public to see. Finally, just in case you will be traveling outside Europe, as a European citizen, remember to apply for or renew your Ehic card. This will ensure that you receive the best medical attention outside Europe.