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About Us

AG ESSENCE’s Chief Chemist Bill Wingfield along with his collaborators, have been formulating personal care products and environmental cleaners since 1987. They also have great concern about Mother Earth and her importance in our life. Their experience and innovative ideas have been the key for our success.

BANDA-SiL® is exclusively manufactured in Richmond, VA by AG ESSENCE.

All of our personal care products are manufactured from natural biodegradable raw materials that have been Ecocert-approved. They are manufactured with distilled Virginia spring water from Camp Holly Springs and infused with our patented chitosan-silver complex.

Our medical device products are manufactured under FDA GMP guidelines and regulations. AG ESSENCE is a registered facility with the FDA.

Our Story

Many medical breakthroughs are market-driven. When an illness or disease threatens a large segment of the population, doctors, scientists, and chemists work to find a solution. In some cases, though, the problem to be solved hits closer to home. That was the case for Bill Wingfield, the founder of AG Essence and inventor of the unique Ag21 Complex molecule. Bill’s inspiration was a family member, a diabetic, for whom even a common infection could have devastating effects. As a “serial” inventor and experienced chemist possessing numerous patents, Bill was well-versed in the medical benefits of silver when his Ag21 journey began. By binding silver with the naturally-occurring, non-toxic polymer chitosan into a unique molecule, he was able to create an advancement in ongoing protection and delivery of the antimicrobial benefit in a natural non-toxic formulation.

After filing a patent for his unique molecule, Bill met a renowned equine veterinarian who needed something to prevent costly infections in the thoroughbred racehorses he treated. Other silver-based products had been used on horses, but the Ag21 Complex formulation proved so successful in equine management that it became the only agent of its kind approved by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.

In the Spring of 2016, AG Essence launched the Banda-SiL line of products, with the goal of making the natural healing power of Ag21 Complex available to people everywhere. Chitosan-Silver’s ability to kill a broad spectrum of pathogens and bacteria in vitro, while creating a preventive barrier have made it a revelation in the wound-care industry. As a result, just two years after its launch, Banda-SiL is not only available online, but it appears on the shelves of thousands of brick-and- mortar retailers across the United States.”