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Counterintuitive Tips for Catching a Loose Dog Without Chasing Them

Sep 11, 2014

Most people chase after a dog once it escapes from their vicinity. It often seems instinctual when you run after him while he is scared. Obviously, you are on the losing proposition, taken over by your unreliable instincts. The dog probably thinks they are in danger and need to run. The best solution to such a situation is having a dog that reliably comes to you whenever you call. However, at times the stray dog could belong to someone else and would not respond steadfastly to your call. Here is a description of time-tested techniques suitable for those interested in learning how to catch a loose dog without chasing them.

Stop, drop and consider lying down

Ideally, it sounds silly to human beings but interesting to dogs. The level of curiosity of the dog rises whenever you stop giving a chase and instead lie down still. Your new position is likely to distract him from the scary mood that makes him run away. He will be convinced to come back and see whether you are okay or find out what you are doing. His return will definitely be the end of his freedom.

Drop to the ground and curl into a ball

This position is a curious behavior for a dog since it tricks him into believing that you are less of a potential threat. Your still position and wrapped hands around your head will convince him to come and check you out. With a few sniffs, he will realize you are his owner and will allow you to grab his collar or possibly pet them.

Sit down, side him and wait

This is an odd behavior too that will make him curious and convince him to approach. Sitting down with your back or side facing towards him, makes you appear less threatening and more approachable. Place a few treats around you to entice him to draw closer.

Run towards the opposite direction

This trick is suitable for dogs that enjoy a good chase. Instead of chasing them, allow them to chase you around and possibly pin you down. Even a dog that doesn’t enjoy a good chase will definitely be curious about your odd behavior and possibly follow you until you can trap him in a place where you can catch him easily.

Open the door to your car and invite him for a ride

This trick seems too simple and silly to be true. Conversely, several dogs have been fooled hoping they will get a ride. This trick only makes sense if the dog associates the car with exciting things.

Consider rewarding him each time he comes back

Reward him for coming and never push him for his misbehavior. Remember, you want him to come to you in a similar manner whenever he strays in future. If you punish him for not coming quickly, he will possibly think going his way would always be a better option. Rewards can be anything amazing and not necessarily food.

Although the above tricks are not a guarantee, they work perfectly well if planned carefully. The key is to avoid succumbing into the chase’ instinct and instead involve in something that seems counter-intuitive to you and the dog.

And what if your dog get hurt

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