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DIY Face Scrubs for all Skin Types

Oct 14, 2014

Very often we run to the cosmetic stores to grab our favorite facial cleansers and scrubs, but have you ever wondered if you can save all that money and effort by making DIY Face Scrubs? You can, and they can be made for all skin types right at your own place. These are scrubs, which are made from natural ingredients and are quick and easy to apply. Here are some of the best facial scrubs for all skin types:

Banana Brown Sugar Scrub

Banana is known to pack a punch for a quick meal, but did you know that if you mix banana and brown sugar and apply it on your face as a scrubber, it works wonders for your skin. That’s right, because banana is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants while brown sugar is a natural exfoliator and is organic as it is unprocessed. All you need to do is to mash a banana and mix some brown sugar into it, and then watch your skin tighten and glow for hours.

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Grapefruit is known for its sourness, but many people do not know that it is one of the most effective skin foods as it contains high levels of Vitamin C and other anti-toxins that help to rejuvenate and replenish your skin. Just mix grapefruit with sugar and apply it on your skin for a few minutes. When you wash off this DIY face scrub for all skin types, you’ll notice a distinct glow on your skin.

Coffee Coconut Sugar Scrub

Coffee is not just great to get your day started, but when applied to your face it certainly helps to revive your skin. Coffee when combined with sugar and coconut oil helps to clear your skin, reduce dark spots and cellulite too. So, don’t just wake up with a cup of coffee but also awaken your skin with coffee.

Oatmeal and milk scrub

Oatmeal is the ideal breakfast food along with milk. This combo is also great for your skin because oatmeal is grainy and helps in exfoliating the skin and gives your skin a renewed texture. Milk helps to brighten the skin and adds radiance to it.

Lavender Salt Scrub

This is one of the best DIY face scrubs for all skin types, particularly for dry skin. Lavender is a natural skin moisturizer. Therefore, to prepare this scrub, all you need to do is to add some lavender oil or petals with salt and apply it on your face. Lavender helps to hydrate your skin whereas the salt acts as a great cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt. This scrub will leave your skin fresh and supple just like the lavender flower.

What will you face?

Now that you have seen the great benefits of DIY face scrubs, why don’t you prepare these natural scrubs in the comfort of your home. Which one will you apply?
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