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How to Apply BANDA-SiL® to Treat Wounds

Jul 10, 2014

If you get a cut or incur a wound, more than likely you will reach for an antibiotic cream or petroleum jelly before applying a bandage. This two-step method of treating wounds has been used for generations, but it is also a messy process that isn’t necessarily the most efficient first-aid method either.

You now have another choice for treating wounds. And that is to apply BANDA-SiL® gel or spray before you dress the wound. BANDA-SiL® represents the future of healing and wound care, an all-natural dermatologist-recommended barrier that protects from infection and speeds healing. Here’s what you need to know about using BANDA-SiL®.

1. Wash your hands throughly, using soap and water. Dry with care and if available put on a pair of gloves before tending to the wound.

2. Clean the wound. For scrapes, use a damp washcloth to remove whatever debris is present. Dab, don’t rub the scrape, using mild soap and water to cleanse the wound. For cuts and tears, elevate the injured part of the body such as an arm or leg above the heart to stop the bleeding.

3. Apply BANDA-SiL®. Liberally spray or apply BANDA-SiL® to the entire wound, thoroughly covering the affected area. Do not breath on the wound and always make sure that it is completely clean before applying BANDA-SiL®.

4. Wrap, if desired. With BANDA-SiL® you have the option of covering a wound or not. BANDA-SiL® itself provides a protective cover and is eliminated naturally as your skin produces new cells. This option is ideal for anyone that does not like bandages or has an allergic reaction to them.

5. Wash up. Once you have completed your first aid, it is time to clean up. Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them. Close up BANDA-SiL® and store with your other first aid products.

First-Aid Care

Always keep in mind that first aid is for handling minor scrapes, cuts, and wounds, but is no substitute for follow up care if the injury is more severe. If bleeding cannot be stopped or if the wound appears deep, then call for an ambulance or head to an emergency room. Like any first-aid product BANDA-SiL® is for treating minor injuries including simple cuts, driveway scrapes, and small puncture wounds or the most common types of household hurts.

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