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How to Keep Your Dog From Freezing During the Winter

Aug 06, 2014

Is the mercury dropping outside? Wondering how to protect your pet in this cold weather? Well here are some cold weather tips to help you keep your furry friend comfortable.

The Importance Of Shelter During The Winter

The best idea is to keep your pets inside the home during extreme cold weather. Outdoor dogs are generally susceptible to frostbite, getting lost or getting sick. If you don’t want to stay out in the cold, remember your dog wouldn’t either.

Stick Together

If you are taking your four legged friend for a walk, make sure to keep him on a leash. Rain and snow can easily remove familiar scents, making your pet lose his bearings and get disoriented. The best course of action is to keep your pets close to you while you both are out in the snow. In fact, if you live in a cold area, unattended dogs also have the risk of falling through thin iced lakes or ponds. So, you need to be extremely careful. In case your dog injures himself, just use BANDA-SiL® on the wound. No need to apply any antiseptic.

Keep Your Dog Warm

Wrapping your dog in an electric blanket is a good idea, but keeping him unattended is not. It is one of the sure recipes for disaster. There are pet pads available, which you can heat in the microwave and give to your pet. This will keep him warm and cozy for up to 12 hours. A good method will be to tuck it under your pet’s bedding at night to give him extra comfort.

Keep Your Dog Snug

The furry coat doesn’t keep your dog warm enough, especially if you have a short furred dog or a puppy. However, your dog can be comfortable in winter wears like sweaters, booties or jackets. Cover your dog up with a comfortable jacket or sweater, but make sure it is not restricting your pet’s movement. When your dog is indoors, make sure he has good bedding to rest on and to keep him comfortable.

Ensure Your Dog Drinks Plenty of Water

Your dog might not want to drink water in the chilly winter weather, but you can make him do it easily. Just place bowels with water in his play area. Also, check the water dish to make sure it is clear and unfrozen. Your dog needs more water than food in winters. Also, while giving your dog baths in winters, check to ensure the water temperature is right. This will keep him comfortable all through the winter.

Protect The Paws

Salt as well as other chemicals can irritate your pet’s paws. To prevent your pet from taking in these contaminants, rub the paws with a damp towel, before your pet starts licking them.

Lastly, the best idea is to keep your dog inside. The happiest dogs are those that are taken on walks, but kept inside the rest of the time in winter. These cold weather tips will allow you to keep your furry friend happy and safe throughout the winter.

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