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How to Prevent Your Dog From Suffering Heatstroke

Aug 04, 2014

Summer time is one of the most challenging times for your pet dog. This season often comes with temperatures that are hostile to the dog. Dogs are easily affected by heatstroke when compared to humans. The reason why dogs easily succumb to hot weather is because they do not have sweat glands on their body. Furthermore, dogs are covered by fur all year round. As a result, dogs rely on panting as a way of releasing excess heat with the intention of cooling down their bodies. With this in mind, it is important to learn how you can prevent doggie heatstroke.

Effective prevention depends on a clear understanding on some of the signs associated with heatstroke. Dogs that are experiencing heatstroke exhibit signs that include the following: increased heart rate, diarrhea, dizziness, depression, weakness, vomiting, bright red tongue, excessive panting, thick and sticky saliva, and increased salivation. When you notice these signs it is important to take necessary measures of controlling heatstroke.

Doggie heatstroke can be avoided by taking certain measures that promote dog pet care. Never leave your dog in a parked car on hot days. If you do not have a choice, it is recommended to park the car in a shade, though for a very short duration. The best way of handling this is leaving the dog at home where it is safe.

Ensure that the dog has plenty of fresh and cool drinking water at all times. Never allow the water bowl to heat up in the sun, strive to keep it fresh and cool. Create a nice shady spot for your dog. This protects from the beating sun. Though some pet owners rely on the trees, it is important to note that trees do not provide adequate shade. Furthermore, the sun keeps on shifting with time exposing the dog to harsh temperatures.

You can keep your dog cool by splashing it with water. While some pet owners prefer splashing water, others like dipping the dog in pools of water. Either way, the dog gets to cool down since the sweat glands are located in the feet.

If you like taking a jog with your dog during summer days, it is advisable to avoid engaging the dog in vigorous exercises. Too much exercise in hot weather is very dangerous for a dog. When it is inevitable to engage your dog, ensure that you do these activities in shady and cool areas.

Protecting the dog from heatstroke also involves avoiding places that do not have shade and where heat is reflected. Some of these places where you should avoid include locations that are made from concrete or asphalt. When the temperatures are high avoid muzzling the dog. This reduces the dog’s ability to pant and effectively release hot air. Taking these measures will ensure that a dog is able to cope with high temperatures during summer.

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