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How to Save Money on Pet Care Expenses

Sep 22, 2014

In these tough times, most people are feeling the need to save money wherever they can. The family pet can be expensive to look after, so here are some easy techniques to cut the costs of pet care.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The cost of a trip to the veterinarian for an illness can be very high. Add the costs of ongoing treatment and medications and the cost can be truly staggering. A far better option is to make sure your pet is up to date with all the required vaccinations, preventative medications, and stays fit and healthy. Spending a few dollars on dental care treats can help you save on expensive dental bills too. Another big part of prevention is making sure you feed your pet the right foods in the right amounts. We all love our pets and want to spoil them, but we’re not doing them any favors if we make them overweight or obese.

Buy In Bulk And Save

We all know of the savings to be had by buying in bulk, and pet food is readily available in huge bags. If the bulk bags of food are too large for your needs, consider going in with a friend or two to share the costs. You can split the costs (and savings) of other things like cat litter and even some medications as well. It often pays to find a pet store that has a loyalty program and join that as well, those discounts can really add up.

DIY Grooming

Make bath days a family event and get everyone in on the fun of washing your furry friend, almost free of charge. If you’re the adventurous type you can even learn to clip toenails and cut hair as well.

Pet Proof Your Home

Making sure your curious pet can’t get into the nasty cleaning chemicals is fairly obvious, but have you checked that none of the plants in your garden are poisonous as well? Surprisingly, many everyday plants, and even foods, that are perfectly safe for humans can be highly toxic to animals. Keeping your pet safe and accident free not only saves money but can save a lot of heartache as well.

Shop Around

Ask your pet owning friends or local pet associations about where to get the best deals on pet supplies and care. Just as retail shops charge different prices for the same items, groomers and even veterinarians can charge vastly different amounts for the same services. Of course you’ll need to check that the cheapest deal is really the best deal. For instance, some veterinarians will include a basic health check with every vaccination, and others may just administer the shot for slightly less money.

Plan For Emergencies

Although it’s not really a money saving tip, it makes sense to have a little ‘nest egg’ saved up just in case of an emergency. You’ll sleep more soundly at night knowing that if something unfortunate does happen, you’ll be able to take care of it.

Of course we all want to save money, and with these tried and tested methods, you should be able to slash your pet care costs substantially without compromising the health and well being of your animals.