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Never get Sick: a few Easy Steps to a Healthy Family

Sep 17, 2014

There are some families which have to run to the doctor every so often. Even when no major illness strikes, there are colds and flus, stomach upsets and allergies that keep the medical busy and the annual healthcare budgets inflated.

So how do we make sure that our families never get sick? The secret lies in what we eat.

Follow What Our Ancestors Did?

Our ancestors were a hardy lot. What with pioneering, exploring, fighting battles and battling wild animals, they did not have much time left to fall sick. And of course they did not have access to modern medical techniques. So, for them, good health was never a luxury, but a necessity.

The secret to their good health was in the food they ate. We can learn a few simple things from their diets to ensure that our families never get sick.

Eat Real Food

Most of the food products we buy in the local supermarket are processed. And can hardly be called real food. All the natural goodness and essential nutrients have been leached out of them.

So when preparing meals for your family, try to get organic wholesome ingredients. And prepare your meals from scratch.
This may not be possible, every single time. But try to do this as often as possible.

Immunity Building Foods

Some foods can boost your immune system to ensure that you never fall sick. Ensure that you and your family consume them as often as possible. Do not say no to fat. A natural wholesome meal contains as much fat as any other food group.

Milk, ideally from grass fed cattle, eggs (with the yolks on), liver, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avoid juice and other such processed foods.

Homemade Probiotics

Probiotics available at the pharmacy or in the supermarkets can give dubious results. Use home made probiotics instead. Have loads of curds and yoghurts.

Opt For Herbal Remedies And Food Supplements

Medicines cure you often. But every time they do, they lessen your natural immunity. To ensure that you and your loved ones never get sick, opt for herbal remedies and food supplements as often as possible. Many ancient schools of medicine including Ayurveda use dietary supplements to cure every kind of disease. This does not mean that you never visit the doctor or buy conventional medicine. Just be sure to use a judicious mix of the two.

Eat in Moderation

Since the 1930s, research has shown that animals that ate a little less lived twice as long as their counterparts. As it is with animals, so is it with humans. Don’t diet or starve yourself. Eat well. And eat what you like. But in moderation. You are even allowed to binge once in a while.

Make Friends With Bacteria

Most of us try to provide a clinically clean and disinfected environment for our family and kids. But this means that their bodies lose the ability to fight with germs. So one whiff of an infection, and sick they get. So its ok for us, especially children to get a little dirty, once in a while. Its worth it if it means that they never get sick.