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New Technology is Optimizing How We Track Our Health and Fitness – Apple Healthkit Framework Launched

Jul 25, 2014

Technology continues to grow in the medical world, offering advanced products like all natural, silver infused BANDA-SiL®. These products and technology are the future of the health care industry.

Consider the latest Apple Healthkit framework for example. Apple has released new technology that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the health industry. The HealthKit framework became available the first part of June and is geared toward making it easier for users to stay fit and healthy.

Apple’s iOS 8 SDK

Apple’s Healthkit framework is a platform that allows developers to create new apps allowing users to link health and fitness information in a way they never could before. According to a press release by Apple last month, the senior vice of software engineering claims that the new Healthkit framework is the biggest ios release since the invention of the App Store.

The Healthkit framework will offer developers endless opportunities to create new and advanced user experiences. It will give them the ability to create a safe, customized user experience through extensions to third parties, and the use of widgets for notification purposes.

How It Works

Healthkit will allow health and fitness apps to communicate with one another and share data, creating a more powerful way to keep track of health information. Users must first give the apps permission to communicate. Data from both apps is gathered and stored in a secure centralized location. Users can then see exactly where they are in terms of their health and fitness goals.

However, this is only the beginning. Healthkit will make it possible in the future to communicate your health information directly to your doctor or pharmacy, making it easier than ever to manage your health care needs. Imagine being able to check your blood pressure and heart rate, then immediately send the information to your health care provider.

Those in the medical field are excited about Apple’s Healthkit framework as well, as it offers a solution to the problem of how to safely, and easily transfer a patient’s medical records from one care provider to another. In situations where a patient has more than one physician or specialist, it can be difficult to keep track of doctor’s orders and medications. Healthkit will not only make it easier for health care providers to share important information, but it will also create an optimized health care plan for individuals.

One thing is clear; new opportunities are emerging in which products and apps will open the door to a more optimized health care and healing industry. We may be just on the verge of a health revolution. Technology continues to help us live healthier and longer lives.

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