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Reduce Tremor by 70% When Eating With Lift Ware

Aug 13, 2014

Have you ever witnessed a person suffering from essential tremor? They actually experience rhythmic shaking in some parts of the body such as head, arms, legs, or even voice. The shaking occurs most often in the hands. It’s not dangerous but is generally a frustrating and annoying condition. Essential tremor is usually confused with Parkinson’s disease, which is also known for causing trembling in the hands. For people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor, to accomplish simple tasks like drinking from a glass, scooping food, writing, or tying shoe laces can be quite challenging. However, technology has tried to empathize with those who struggle with tremor when eating. Liftware has been invented and customized for tremor patients, who view eating as a hard task rather than a necessity.

Liftware is a device, in the line of eating utensils, which actively stabilizes hand tremor. The device eliminates uncontrolled trembling by stabilizing whatever is in the person’s hands. We’ve often seen people spill food everywhere as they eat due to shaking. Liftware is designed to prevent the food from spilling. The idea behind this battery-powered spoon is to use active cancellation in stabilizing the spoon. The trembling hand can continue to move around but much of the food remains in the spoon. It’s convenient since there is no intent to force the hand from moving.

The Liftware contains built-in sensors with a microprocessor that analyzes hand movements to distinguish hand tremor from normal hand movement as you eat. When a hand tremor is detected, Liftware responds by moving whatever the person is holding in the opposite direction with respect to the tremor direction. This cancels out the tremor movements. A spoon, fork, etc. is attached to the device as the patient eats. It’s now very steady as you eat.

We have several ways on how to reduce tremor when eating food. For example, essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease patients used to lock their arm’s joint while eating. The idea of locking is a bit comic. It’s also very uncomfortable and cumbersome, to the extent of causing pains to the arm. However, Liftware has been clinically proven to be on top of the list. The trials have resulted to an average of 70% reduction in essential tremor. Get Liftware here.

We must give a round of applause to the team at Lift Labs. The team did work tirelessly to come up with this amazing design. Spilling food everywhere can be very frustrating and embarrassing. With Liftware, there are no more frustrations or embarrassments as you eat. You can now drive your attention from the shaking hand and focus on people as you eat. Technology is all about improving lives of millions of people suffering from incurables like essential tremor. In the line of life improvement products, we have BANDA-SiL®. This product will help you experience a smoother and faster healing of any wounds on your skin.

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