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Silver May Be the Bullet to Heal Wounds

Jun 30, 2014

The days of cleansing a wound and applying a bandage to heal it may soon be over. Silver, a valuable metal and chemical element, has been used in wound dressings for years. It is also found in BANDA-SiL®, a liquid, all-natural and environmentally favorable product from AG Essence.

What Hippocrates Knew

That silver has healing properties has been long known by the medical community. Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, was familiar with its healing and disease-fighting properties.

And before antibiotics were used, silver was used on the battlefield to dress wounds during the first world war. These days catheters, wood dressings, bandages, and medical equipment may include silver.

Silver in Bandages

In 2009, Science Daily reported that Ankit Agarwal, then a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, made a presentation to the American Chemical Society whereby he described “an experimental approach to wound healing that could take advantage of silver’s anti-bacterial properties, while sidestepping the damage silver can cause to cells needed for healing.”

The challenge with using silver is that dressings typically carry too much silver — so much silver that cells in the wound are killed — cells that bring forth healing. Healing from a simple wound is one thing, but if the patient has diabetes then that healing becomes harder to achieve. Agwaral demonstrated a lighter material bandage that carries an exact dose of silver. In testing, Agwaral found that 99.9999 percent of bacteria was killed while the fibroblast cells needed for healing were left undamaged.

The Essence of Silver

Taking this one step further, AG Essence has come up with BANDA-SiL®, an all-liquid product that replaces the Neosporin and bandages you might currently use to cleanse and cover wounds. AG is the two-letter chemical symbol for silver, thus the company offers the “essence of silver” in its product.

BANDA-SiL® is described as a wound care, a liquid bandage product that is applied in gel form. It is all-natural and can be used for most cuts, scrapes, and abrasions, handling typical non-emergency home injuries including paper cuts, scraped knees, and other wounds.

Natural Protective Coating

BANDA-SiL® is made with Chitosan-Silver Complex, what blends a natural polymer (plastic) with silver to create a protective coating. Its plastic is derived from shrimp shells, but because it is refined, people with shrimp allergies won’t be adversely affected.

With BANDA-SiL®, the silver bonds to the chitosan to create a biodegradable film and protective barrier. And, unlike bandages that must be pulled away from the skin for a very unpleasant feeling, BANDA-SiL® is eliminated naturally as your skin produces new cells.

A Silver Lining

With silver included in thinner bandages or combined with chitosan to make a biodegradable film such as in BANDA-SiL®, science has found ways to heal people faster, more thoroughly, and for much less money. And, with no sticky bandages to deal with, BANDA-SiL® is both a kid and parent favorite!


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