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The Cue is the Latest Entry to the List of Self Health and Fitness Monitoring Gadgets

Jul 28, 2014

We need to appreciate the initiators of technology. It is because of technology that we no longer use weighing balances or sticking thermometers inside our mouths with the aim of diagnosing our health status. The step of using technology-powered gadgets in self-medical diagnostic was taken back in the 1980s. This recalls the introduction of pedometers that consumers used to monitor their health and fitness at the comfort of their home. Since then, medical technology has gone many steps ahead to dictate yet many other new methods of self-medical diagnostics. The Cue is the latest technology that has fallen into our hands with the aim of helping us to become proactive about our health.

The Cue gadget and app has been under development over a period of more than 4 years. The team of developers was inspired by an unknown force in working tirelessly. Their effort has been justified because consumers are highly appreciating a piece of technology that helps them to diagnose their health while at home – a process that would have otherwise been possible if and only if we visit a doctor. It’s the most advanced consumer fitness gadget ever developed. It has reduced the effort of both the consumer and their doctors.

What the Cue is Capable of Examining

There are numerous body indicators that can depict a person’s health status. Some of these indicators are complex such that they can only be unveiled by a health specialist. However, there are other indicators that are basic, yet so vital, that don’t depend heavily on the knowledge of a doctor to unveil. This is where the cue technology has fully capitalized on.

The Cue technology is designed with a capability of diagnosing up to 5 health indicators. These include inflammation, influenza, vitamin D, fertility, and testosterone. Before the entry of the Cue, people used to visit their doctors regularly for such examinations. Consumers are highly thankful to its initiators.

How the Cue Works

The procedure of using the Cue isn’t complex. You require different samples depending on the type of test. For instance, you will need a blood sample for inflammation, vitamin D and fertility tests. Influenza and testosterone need nasal swab and saliva samples respectively.

At the comfort of your home, you take a small sample, place it on the cue wand and load the wand into a cartridge. The cartridge is designed to prepare the samples for the test. The sample is prepared so that the micro-fluidic system and biosensors of the cue can be able to analyze and retrieve some digital information out of the sample.

Here is a visual representation from the Cue website showing how the process works.

The cue is designed to work with Smartphones or other devices running either an iOS or Android operating system. The sample’s digital information is transmitted from the cue to a cue app which is installed on the Smartphone or other device. The transmission is via Bluetooth 4.0. The app is responsible for communicating the results to the user.

In conclusion, the cue is a great and premium innovation which will definitely be embraced by technology lovers. Stay directly and intuitively connected to your health in a new different way.

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