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Three Dangerous Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

Jul 21, 2014

Diet soda is popular among dieters. Unfortunately, many of them do not know that diet soda has no impact in helping a person to lose weight. There are also subtle diet soda effects that not many people are aware of, as well as major problems for those who often drink sodas. Studies have found the real effects of diet soda. If you are one of the people who include diet soda on your diet list, then read on.

High Risk of Metabolic Disease

As carbonated drinks, diet soda and other kinds of sodas use aspartame, acesulfame-k, saccharin and sucralose instead of real sugar. The danger of aspartame is evident in that it is the main ingredient of all carbonated drinks and other food products that can cause various medical problems—from diarrhea to epileptic seizures. Though it can be the result of long-term usage, the intake of aspartame should be avoided in the first place.
Diet soda may be calorie free, but the artificial sweetener can cause diabetes and other metabolic syndrome diseases. Currently there is no research which shows a positive link between diet sodas and diet programs.

High Blood Pressure and Other Heart Disease Related Problems

When people think that they drink diet soda for cutting back on their calories, they might not get the expected result. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people who joined research programs and suffered from weight gain after routine consumption of diet soda. This has led to high blood pressure and other heart disease related problems. An obesity case may relate to the high level of artificial sweeteners within diet sodas. Artificial sweeteners are one of the best appetite boosters, so everyone will feel hungry more often after they drink any kind of soda, including diet soda.


When a person is used to drinking sodas since childhood, there will be a high chance of this habit being maintained until he or she is grown up. Long-term intake of sodas can cause vascular related diseases and cancer. This is because of the high level of chemical substances within any kind of soda drink.

With all of this evidence, it is time to stop drinking beverages like sodas, that do not bring any health benefits at all. There are still many options for healthy drinks such as fruit juice, and of course water. Diet soda is still soda, regardless of the name that may be attached to it. This is the reason why parents should avoid giving soda drinks to their kids, because kids always like sweet drinks or foods. With early prevention, parents can save their kids from dangerous diseases.

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