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Top 7 Health Precautions to be followed while travelling with Children

Oct 21, 2014

1. Immunization

Immunization of your children should be done well in advance as some immunizations need to be given up to one month’s grace period before travel. It is therefore important to ensure that your child’s immunization is up to date and if not, to slot it into your calendar way before the date of travel so as to ensure smooth travel plans. Check to ensure that you meet the immunization requirements for the country you intend to travel to.

2. Vaccination

Depending on your travel destination, you and your children might have to get various vaccinations; e.g. Yellow Fever vaccine if the destination is Africa or South America.

3. Food and Water

Anything consumed by children should be scrutinized and given a clean bill of health before it is ingested. This is especially because children are not allowed the vaccines which are meant to prevent illnesses such as Typhoid and Hepatitis B — diseases transmitted by ingesting contaminated food and water. They are therefore more susceptible to these diseases.

4. Common Medicine

Arming yourself with common medicine like Paracetamol or an Antibiotic or two for the common childhood infections will make you better placed to handle emergencies. Care should however be taken to administer medicine correctly. A medic’s opinion should always be sought before administration of any medication.

5. Medical history / Information

We should never be unprepared should a doctor require information from us while treating our children. It is therefore important to carry your children’s medical history as you never know when this information will come in handy.

Ensure that any health facility you visit is aware of any allergies your child could be suffering from and make the child aware of those allergies as well should the information be sought in your absence. The contact for your child’s physician and/or hospital is information that should also be provided on demand.

6. Adequate protection against insect and animal bites

This is important especially if your destination is prone to disease-causing insects like mosquitoes, in which case, mosquito nets or repellents would come in handy and should be included in your traveling bag as a necessity.

Stray animals like dogs should be avoided in order to steer clear of animal bites that may cause diseases like rabies

7. Appropriate Clothing

Dress your children appropriately to ensure that they do not suffer complications brought about by adverse weather conditions.

Ensure that you have all the information you require regarding the weather patterns of your destination and try to evaluate if your child can adjust well to the changes in climate.

It will also help to be clear on the various symptoms of illnesses like altitude fever to be able to better manage such ailments.

These precautions before you travel with your child should not be ignored as it could be the difference between a good trip and a horrible one. It could be the only cost you have to incur anyway as some countries offer free visa for children less than twelve years of age. A Srilanka visa is one such example.