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Travel With Pets – Ways on How to Make it Easy And Fun

Sep 26, 2014

Our pets are not just a man’s best friend, but they also make a good travel companion. However, there are also problems that can come up whenever you bring your pets in your family vacation, right? If you are one of the few who would have wanted to travel with pets, but are afraid of the “stress” it brings, well fear not because you can absolutely bring them with ease.

Here are some of the ways on how you can travel with pets effortlessly:

• Ensure that your pet has a dog tag with the complete emergency contact information.Since you’ll be going to a foreign place, make sure that your pet is properly tagged just in case accidental separation happens. Make sure that your contact information is readable to avoid any problems.

• Go for a test drive.

If it’s your first time to go traveling with your pets or if they are not that much of a traveler, then go for a 2 to 4 hour drive to see how they react. This will help you know if your pets will be agitated, anxious, or get motion sickness while on a trip.

• Have your pets checked by a veterinarian before travel.

Visiting the veterinarian before leaving for a vacation is important most especially if your pet has a medical disorder such as anxiety or motion sickness so that a prescription will be given for comfort. It’s also one way of knowing if your pet is safe to travel or not.

• Find pet friendly accommodations.

Since not all hotels and motels allow pets, you have to ensure that you have have booked or make a reservation on an establishment with an okay to pets’ policy. Finding one before your date of arrival allows you to get great deals as well.

• Pack extra puppy pads.

Staying in an unfamiliar place gives that feeling of uncertainty to your pets, so make sure that you bring the right amount of pads just in case accidents happen. This applies even though your dog is trained at home.

• Map Out “Pit Stops” for your pits.

Potty breaks are not just important for human beings, but for your pets as well. So, if you’re traveling by your car, make sure that you map out spots where you can walk with your pets and use the bathroom as well.

• Pack blankets and toys from home.

The smells from your home will make your pets feel safe and comfortable. So, be sure that you include their favorite toys, pillows, or blankets when packing.

Doing all these things will make traveling with pets on board a breeze. It will also make your vacation a lot more fun and exciting since your pets will be joining the fun. So, the next time you plan for a family vacation, bringing your pets won’t be a problem anymore.