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Useful Advice for new Mothers – top 10 Things to Know

Oct 06, 2014

The prospect of being a mom in 9 months can bring mixed feelings. If you are in this situation then you may feel excited and at the same time anxious about this new chapter in your life. The pregnancy journey is an experience that can be overwhelming, but the thought of having a tiny little you is thrilling at the same time. The main question that you may ask yourself is, how will you be the best parent possible to your new little bundle of joy?

Baby advice is all over and you can be left confused if you’re a first time mom; However, the best and most practical advice is from someone who has been there before, they will give you the dos and don’ts in raising your baby. A baby shower is one of such forums where you will get baby advice for new mums. Your mum will also be resourceful.

Below are some great tips and advice as passed down to me from my mum and friends:

1. Bath time – use a very soft face towel to wash your baby and a mild soap as baby’s skin is very delicate. Check the temperature of the water using your elbow, not your hand; if it burns your elbow, it will burn the baby.

2. Breast feeding – this is one of the greatest bonding moments for a first time mom and your baby, but it can easily turn into a nightmare if he doesn’t latch properly. Your nurse will show you the best position to achieve this to avoid cracked nipples.

3. Colic – it’s caused by trapped gas in a baby’s tiny stomach. To help the baby pass the gas, you hold his tummy on your chest and gently rub his back. You also fold his tiny legs to put some pressure on the stomach.

4. To trim his nails, use your teeth, or a very small nail clipper. Your teeth actually work better in this case, and faster too as he will likely keep fidgeting with a nail clipper.

5. When bottle feeding, ensure you sterilize the bottle tips properly to avoid mouth infections.

6. Don’t always keep the baby in diapers day and night; give him some breathing time. Also change them often to keep off diaper rash.

7. Keep a digital thermometer in the house to test his temperature when you suspect he is running a fever.

8. Use bibs with a protective plastic film at the back – they are useful when feeding and for drooling. This way you will keep him clean and dry.

9. Take your naps when the baby sleeps. His sleeping schedule might be different. He might like to sleep during the day and play during the night. Before you sleep train him, sleeping when he sleeps helps you beat fatigue and have energy to play with him later.

10. Last but not least, to reduce your laundry time feed him when he is wearing a diaper and bib only.

Enjoy parenthood and please remember to pass down tips and tricks you will learn while you’re at it.