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All BANDA-SiL® Products:

  • Provide the full healing protection of Complex Ag21
  • Naturally derived and non-toxic
  • Proven effective against a broad spectrum of germ strains, including MRSA, by in vitro tests .
  • BANDA-SIL products also contain 200 parts per million of Silver particles, far higher than other silver-based wound care products.

The advantages of Spray:

  • Great as a wound cleanser and protectant, or for immediate after-sun relief
  • Easy no-touch application for on-the-go protection
  • A little bit goes a long way: 200 sprays per bottle

Ingredients: Aqua, COMPLEX Ag 21™, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Glycerin
*contains 200ppm Silver

The advantages of Gel:

  • Suitable for all wounds, including wounds more susceptible to infection
  • Creates a thicker barrier for superior protection
  • Best used with a bandage or other wound dressing

Ingredients: Aqua, COMPLEX Ag 21™, Polycationic Polymers, Glycerin, L-Arginine
*contains 200ppm Silver