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Wondrous Evena Eyes-on Glasses

Sep 12, 2014

Before Evena Glasses…

Doctors and nurses have a difficult time in accessing veins during therapies and other minor operations. Evena Eyes On x-ray glasses have been manufactured to make the whole process of therapy easier for both the medical practitioner and the patient by reducing the amount of stabs from the nurse just to get one vein. For years this has been a medical trait that leaves patients with questions as to whether they are in the right hands or not, since they felt unease and discomfort in the process. Nurses also end up spending a lot of time trying to locate a vein, and if not for the patient’s patience, the therapies end up being rough.

Evena Glasses Details

Unlike the preceding x-ray glasses, Evena glasses are more technologically advanced, though the concept behind them is the same. Normal x-ray glasses consist of two cardboards put close to one another and holes with a 6mm diameter punctured through them. In between, little feather vanes are placed for diffracting the image, giving the wearer two slightly offset images. The inner image appears darker and the other overlying image appears lighter. It is thanks to this that one is able to distinguish features in between an object; in this case, veins.

These glasses have multi-spectral lighting at the edges and two digital hypersensitive cameras located near the nose rest that enables clear images of objects on and beneath the skin. It makes the nurses accurate at their jobs with minimum assistance from the doctors. The glasses can store images and videos which can be shared with the doctor through Bluetooth, wifi or 3G from the duo hypersensitive cameras. In addition, there are two inbuilt speakers that enable audio conferencing. Patients are also able to see their progress as nurses get to show them the gradual change of their veins.

Evena Glasses Impact On The Medical Industry

The work of nurses has been made simpler, faster, more precise and more accurate. The lanyard helps keep the glasses safe on the nurse’s neck and on standby. It has helped nurses to administer injection safer and faster, and as a result more people are being treated by the day. Apart from making the job faster and less demanding of doctors, nurses have also acquired more knowledge just from the bare look of the veins rather than what they were taught in theory. These glasses have completely revolutionized minor operations and brought a different viewpoint of things in the medical industry. The vein patterns and their interconnection all seem clearer now to nurses who have used the glasses, and they have slowly helped build solid information about what is beneath the skin.

These glasses are easy to use and are available on a global scale. They have enhanced medical treatments and made the journey to the doctors’ offices more comfortable for patients.

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