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The Future of Wound Care

Yesterday’s Solutions Don’t Meet the Challenges of Today

Popular wound care products like Neosporin and other triple-antibiotic ointments were developed over 60 years ago. Since that time, overuse of antibiotics has rendered these treatments inadequate against modern threats. Many of these new strains can turn a simple cut or scrape into a devastating infection. Simply put, the products of yesterday were not designed to fight today’s threats.

  • Bacteria have adapted to antibiotic overuse and become resistant. New antiobiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA have emerged, making antibiotics deficient as a treatment option
  • These new bacteria can turn a simple cut or scrape into a difficult-to-treat infection
  • Antibiotics are meant to treat, not prevent. Applying antibiotics to prevent infection actually makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics.
  • Even after onset of infection, triple antibiotics are only effective for 24 hours, requiring frequent application.
  • The active ingredients of antibiotics are not naturally derived and are known to cause allergic reactions in some people.

The BANDA-SiL® Difference

BANDA-SiL is a hydrogel wound dressing intended to cover a wound, to absorb wound exudate, to control fluid loss, and protect against abrasion, friction, desiccation, and contamination. This unique product provides a safe, highly effective wound care advancement.

  • Unlike triple antibiotics, BANDA-SiL acts as a protectant that can provide a moist wound environment
  • BANDA-SiL is child-safe, and hypoallergenic.
  • The ingredients in BANDA-SiL are naturally derived and non-toxic.
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