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Why BANDA-SiL® For Cuts, Abrasions, and Minor Burns?

BANDA-SiL® was created for the topical treatment of cuts, abrasions, lacerations and minor burns. Available both as a gel or spray, BANDA-SiL® promotes faster healing than the leading brands. The naturally derived, non-toxic formula is free of odor, alcohol and Triclosan. Upon application, BANDA-SiL® forms a barrier against germs while soothing inflamed skin on burns and reducing bleeding on cuts and abrasions.

BANDA-SiL® is more than an alternative to the leading brand. It is the next generation in the evolution of wound care. While other brands may provide adequate healing time, the science and ingredients behind BANDA-SiL® combine to speed up the healing process.

BANDA-SiL® is a better, safer product in a category that has remained stagnant for far too long. Parents and medical professionals prefer to use products that are naturally derived, non-toxic and child-safe. BANDA-SiL® is the one product containing all the ingredients to support these desired properties. There is currently no product in this space that matches BANDA-SiL® in these categories.


banda-sil vs triple anti-biotic ointment


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