Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is silver good for healing?

Silver has a long history in human health care. It is a preferred choice in wound care for its powerful antimicrobial qualities, which are especially effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

What is Chitosan?

Our Chitosan is a natural polymer derived from mushrooms that we bind to silver. The biodegradable film is positively charged, which naturally bonds with negatively charged human skin. The result is an effective skin protection layer that expedites natural healing.

How does it work?

The secret is our patented AG21 tech. This proprietary Chitosan-Silver chelation allows Banda-SiL to attach to the wound like a magnet and form a protective antimicrobial layer for a moist wound environment.

Why should I try BANDA-SiL?

There are many wound care available products available today, but most of them were created in the first half of the 1900’s. It is time to take advantage of 21st Century healing tech. Banda-SiL products are safer and provide a moist antimicrobial wound environment.

Is BANDA-SiL safe? Does it sting?

BANDA-SiL is engineered to be non-toxic and non-stinging. It is made with all naturally derived ingredients. It is safe for all ages and skin types. It maintains a better, more moist healing environment for cuts, burns, and scrapes.