Soccer Scrape

Young boy with soccer scrape

My 8-year-old son took a nasty fall while playing soccer. A good friend suggested we give BANDA-SiL a try. I have been using household cleaning products with silver in them , so when I learned that BANDA-SiL gel contained a silver complex, I was super excited. As you can see from the pictures his wound healed very rapidly. We applied the BANDA-SiL at regular intervals throughout the day to make sure that the wound was always moist (never let dry out or scab up). Ten days later the wound area is barely noticeable and I am convinced that there will be little to no scaring. BANDA-SiL saved the day and we were truly amazed with the awesome healing results of this great ointment.

-Jeanne Brooksbank

Nasty Burn

I wanted to say thank you for creating BANDA-SiL. As you can see from the pictures above, it works great. I burned my arm and applied BANDA-SiL twice a day. The healing in only 8 days is amazing!

-Sean Collins

Deep Gash

I suffered a bad fall and landed on my elbow and forearm. I went for medical treatment, my skin was so thin I was told the stitches would not hold, so the wounds had to heal on their own. This had me concerned because the gash in my elbow was quite deep. I was told to keep the wound wrapped and it would take over 2 months to heal. I learned about the BANDA-SiL wound care gel from my sister and began using it twice a day. It was amazing at how fast the wounds began to heal. After two weeks the wounds were completely closed and kept free from infection. BANDA-SiL is truly a great product that I would recommend it for all types of wounds. 

-Margie Lloyd

Facial Burn

I had a burn on my face and neck which showed no signs of quickly healing with the first aid treatment I was using, a colleague recommended BANDA-SiL® to use instead. I started to apply it twice a day and immediately noticed visible results. The affected area no longer felt tight and had the moisture it needed to prevent it from sticking to my bandages.  After a couple of days my bandages were no longer needed and I continued to use BANDA-SiL® to moisturize the area and reduce scarring. I’m really impressed with how quickly it works and how it’s kept my scarring very minimal.  A fantastic product that I’ll continue to use and recommend for burns.

-Susan Knight